Fuse: Redefining Business

Revolutionizing high school education


FUSE spans across 4 provinces in Canada: British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec.


We represent 21 major cities and are growing quickly.


Students from 48 schools are a part of our organization.


Over 150 members and continuing to expand.

Building relevance in business education.

FUSE was founded on the idea of relevance. We recognize that living in a rapidly changing society, every day, every hour is the beginning of something new—a new idea, gadget, company, medical breakthrough, economic landscape, the list goes on. We aim to bridge the gap between theory and application by distributing a hands-on, case-based curriculum to high school business clubs.


Ever wondered about what FUSE is or what it does? FUSE Ontario explains it all. 🙂

Posted by FUSE Society on Sunday, April 2, 2017

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British Columbia




Events built for you.

Fuse Case Competition

Vancouver, British Columbia

With over 100 high school students in attendance, delegates experienced an action-packed day focused on entrepreneurship and consulting. Each team created a unique company and was challenged to overcome company crises.